The Best Bitcoin and Crypto Gambling Sites in 2023

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Looking for the best crypto gambling sites to play through online? Then look no further.

In this guide, we look at the many great online casinos that support cryptocurrencies inclusively and exclusively of fiat currencies.

We go over everything you need to know about the top bitcoin and crypto casinos. This includes the pros and cons of each casino, what games it offers, and even how different BTC casino sites compare to traditional online casinos.

Bitcoin Casino LogoWe also go over what you should watch out for so that you don't get scammed.

Ready? Then let's delve right in.

💁‍♂️ What Is a Crypto Casino?

An online crypto casino is pretty much identical to the traditional online casino that you may have come to know and love, but one that lets you pay with cryptocurrency.

This means that, rather than-or at least in addition to-using traditional currencies like USD, EUR, or GPB, all transactions on the site are done using different cryptocurrencies. These may include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, Tether, and many others.

Moreover, many of the best crypto casino sites also have dedicated crypto or bitcoin games that are exclusive to players using crypto to play.

👍 Advantages of a Crypto Casino

Besides taking a hi-tech approach to payment methods, there are actually several major advantages to a bitcoin casino over a traditional one.

Just some of these great advantages are listed below:

  • Unregulated authority: Because crypto and Bitcoin are decentralized and are not issued or monitored by a singular authority, the chances of you having your personal crypto account frozen or any transactions blocked are virtually zero. Put another way, you have full control of your money!
  • Complete security: Thanks to the secure nature of cryptocurrency, any payment you make (or withdraw) is guaranteed to reach its destination. This is all thanks to the public ledger of cryptocurrency that keeps track of all crypto transactions as soon as they are confirmed. This ensures that there is a record of any and every transaction you make.
  • Complete privacy: Because crypto doesn’t require the divulgence of any personal information, you won’t ever have to worry about your identity being stolen. All transactions are completely anonymous and you can transact without worrying about your actions being traced.
  • Cheap transaction fees: As a standard, many online casinos that deal in crypto don’t charge any transaction fees. And for those that do, these fees are significantly less than any fees charged by traditional online casinos and the mainstream payment methods (e-wallets, credit cards, etc.) that they tend to use.
  • Fast payments: Because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies exist only on the internet, payments made using these currencies is usually instantaneous. This means that, if you deposit funds to play, you won’t have to wait for the money to clear. Instead, you will be able to get playing immediately after topping up your account. For those who have ever waited hours-if not days-for payments to clear, this alone gives crypto casinos a major advantage.
  • Taxes: While there may be some exemptions, Bitcoin and almost all other cryptocurrencies are exempt from taxes. This means that, should you win big with crypto, you won’t have to share a portion of your win with the taxman.

👎 Disadvantages of a Crypto Casino

Like with anything in life, something that has so many great advantages generally also has at least some disadvantages. However, when it comes to the best crypto gambling sites, there are far fewer disadvantages than advantages.

Some of the most common disadvantages are outlined below:

  • The volatility of crypto: Because it is not regulated in any way, cryptocurrency has been known to be rather volatile. This means that what your crypto is worth today may not be the same as what it will be worth tomorrow.
  • Uncommon payment method: While crypto (especially Bitcoin) has been around for several years, most places in everyday life still don’t accept crypto as a payment method. While this is changing, you may find yourself being forced to cash out your crypto into a flat currencies to purchase the things you want.
  • Untraceable: This may also be seen as an advantage, but many people still worry over the complete inability to trace cryptocurrency. As expected, this ability to transact without being traced has lent itself to criminal and dodgy dealings. However, most online crypto casinos can be checked to see if they are legit before you send any of your hard-earned crypto to them. This check can be performed by reading reviews (like ours) that delve into the depths of the site to examine and verify each aspect is safe.

👀 What to Look for When Selecting an Online Crypto Casino

Like with any other online casino, there are plenty of things that you should look at and consider before spending your hard-earned money on a crypto casino site. Due to the inability to trace your money once deposited, this is even more important when dealing with crypto casinos.

However, if you keep your eyes open for the things listed below, you should have no problem identifying the very best crypto casino sites from the rest.

🎰 Available Games

As a standard, reputable online casinos won’t offer just a smattering of games that are developed by unheard-of publishers. Therefore, one of the easiest things to look at when considering a new site is the number of different games it has available.

These should include a number of different game types developed by known providers in the industry, such as Hacksaw Gaming, EvoPlay, BetSoft, Play’n Go, and Relax Gaming.

🚨 Security and Licensing

Like any other online casino, the best Bitcoin casinos are required to have a license for the gaming operations that they perform. This means that, if you come across any website that doesn’t have a gaming license, it is a clear indication that the site might not be entirely trustworthy.

In addition to being licensed, it is also important to check what security your chosen crypto casino has. This could be as simple as checking if the site has a valid SSL certificate (which almost every website in existence should have) and who the site uses as its payment processor. A quick Google search of the payment processor should generally tell you immediately if the processor can be trusted or not.

⭐️ Reputation

As with almost anything else in life, one of the best ways to find out about something is to see what others are saying about it. This includes crypto casinos.

A stellar reputation is usually a sign that an online casino can be trusted. However, if you come across a site that has a ‘less than ideal’ reputation online, it’s probably best to get your gambling fix somewhere else. This is usually a sign that the site may not operate the way it claims to-no matter how attractive the site may appear.

💰 Available Cryptocurrencies

While there are a seemingly endless number of new cryptos becoming readily available each year, a good indication of a reliable website is one that offers a fair variety. This includes all the biggest names in crypto like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

Symbols of Different Types of Cryptocurrencies🤑 Welcome Bonuses

As with traditional online casinos, something that is always worth looking at is the welcome bonuses and other incentives offered to first-time players. These could take the form of free spins, deposit bonuses, or even vouchers to claim at a later stage.

While these may entice you to register without delay, we always suggest that you read the terms and conditions of these bonuses first. This is because many of them come attached with wager requirements or minimum deposit amounts. While the offers themselves are usually still worth it, the requirements needed to qualify for these bonuses may be more than what you are banking on.

👑 Loyalty/VIP Programs

Many of the best crypto casinos offer great loyalty programs or VIP levels. Therefore, it is always suggested to make sure that you familiarize yourself with the different programs offered by the different casinos. That way, you can make the most of the benefits available and even gain some truly outstanding specials or deals along the way.

⚖️ Provably Fair

Something to always consider when looking at online casinos, both traditional and crypto, is how fair the games are. While we live in an age where most casinos do operate fairly and won’t unduly make your odds of winning non-existent, it may be worth seeing if anyone has claimed your chosen site is unfair in one way or another.

Casinos that are “provably fair” use online algorithms that store all gaming results (such as the results of your spin) in what is called a hash. Once these events occur, they can then be verified to have been completely random and part of the blockchain algorithm. Sites that use this method can be trusted to not weasel you out of your money using unfair odds of winning.

The fairness of a site can usually be seen by looking at what people have to say about their experience. If you find too many players complaining about spending absurd amounts of money with no return, the casino they are referring to may not be playing fair. However, it is also important to take what others say with a bit of scepticism. This is purely because some people may be unhappy about not winning anything after spending very little money or only after a few spins.

📱 Usability

Because we live in a world where we are constantly on the move, another important thing to check is the usability of the site you are considering registering with. This includes whether the website is compatible with your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices.

Ideally, sites with dedicated mobile applications are the ones to look for because they allow you to play from virtually anywhere you may find yourself. That said, many sites make sure that the web-based experience they offer is as polished and user-friendly as possible.

📄 Terms and Conditions

Like with any online gaming website, it is always important to read the terms and conditions of the site before you agree to them. Doing this ensures that you know that you are protected should anything go wrong. It is also good practice so that you know what recourse you can follow should you need to deal with support at any time.

Call Center Girl Clipart☎️ Customer Support

We are always hopeful that, when registering with a new crypto casino, it will never come to the point where you will actually need to contact support. However, it is always good to check what support options are available when looking for a new site to play on.

While almost all sites have online forms and FAQ sections that offer support, in our experience the best way to get support is from sites that offer live chat. While this isn’t always available and you will sometimes need to simply send an email and wait for a response, this is still the best option.

💵 Fees

As mentioned in the advantages above, many online BTC casinos don’t charge any fees. However, we do understand that these sites do need to make sure that they can stay solvent. Therefore, some sites may charge small service fees for using their services.

If this is the case, it is always best to know what these fees are beforehand. This way, you can compare these fees to those asked by other websites. Sometimes, you may gain more by going with a different crypto casino if one is taking too much money via transaction fees.

🔄 Depositing/Withdrawing Funds

One of the most important things to look at when dealing with a crypto casino is what payment and withdrawal options it offers.

As a standard, many crypto sites offer support for a variety of crypto wallets alongside the standard Visa/MasterCard processors. This allows you to purchase crypto using your standard debit/credit card.

In addition to the available payment methods, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with your chosen site’s withdrawal processes. Most sites will clearly state how long withdrawals are scheduled to take, what the full process for withdrawals are, and if there is anything else you should know about withdrawing your winnings.

🇺🇸 Restricted Countries

Even though we live in a world where we can access information from almost anywhere and speak to others on the other side of the globe, the same cannot be said for gambling online. There are some countries in which online gambling-even when using cryptocurrency-is simply not allowed due to local laws.

Because of this, it is always best to see what regions are restricted from using any particular site before registering an account. Failing to do this may result in you not being able to withdraw your winnings after winning big simply because of your location.

☝️ Conclusion

The best crypto casino sites offer an entirely new way to play your favourite slot or table games from the comfort of your own PC or mobile device. This new way to pay for your play should, however, always be done safely and carefully.

By using this guide, you should be able to confidently select a crypto casino that will be safe for you to play while offering you a great chance at winning big. So get out there and start playing!

Crypto Gambling - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I easily withdraw my winnings from a crypto casino?

As a standard, yes, withdrawing your money from a crypto casino is usually very straightforward. However, this depends entirely on your chosen website’s policies and procedures regarding the withdrawal of funds. Therefore, it is always best to check what your specific crypto casino’s terms and conditions say about withdrawing winnings.

Are there any restrictions when paying using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on crypto casinos?

Most crypto websites impose daily deposit and withdrawal limits. These limits are set for your protection and to ensure that you don’t overextend yourself and end up in debt.

However, keep in mind that each website sets its own limits, so always check what the specific limits are on the site that you want to register with.

Can I use a crypto casino if I don’t own any cryptocurrency?

Yes. Most crypto casinos allow you to purchase crypto directly on the site or by directing you to an authorized crypto reseller. This allows you to purchase crypto using the flat currency of your choice before depositing it into your player account on the crypto casino site.

Is it legal to play using crypto casinos?

Yes. Gambling using an online casino with cryptocurrency is as legal as using any other flat currency. The only exception to this is if you are in a location where online gambling is strictly prohibited by law.

What is crypto gambling/crypto casino?

A crypto casino is simply an online casino that allows you to place bets using cryptocurrency rather than traditional flat currency such as USD, EUR, or GBP.

Do crypto casinos offer bonuses?

Yes, many of the best crypto casinos offer great bonuses, welcome bonuses, and even VIP or loyalty programs.

Do I pay more to play on a crypto casino?

Generally, crypto casinos are no more or less expensive than any other traditional online casino. This is only true in terms of actual bets on games, however. When it comes to transaction fees, crypto casinos will generally save you a decent amount of money because there are rarely any additional fees involved. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about paying more than you normally would. In fact, you will likely save some money!

Are there any fees when playing in a crypto casino?

While few crypto casinos may charge a very small levy, almost all crypto casinos charge no transaction fees when playing on the site.

Is it safe to play using a crypto casino?

Yes. Due to the nature of crypto, most transactions on crypto casinos are completely secure. However, we still recommend that you check if the site is licensed to operate and what the online reputation of the site is. This helps you ensure that your money is indeed completely safe.

Are crypto casinos available on a variety of platforms?

Yes, most crypto sites offer support for PCs, smartphones, and multiple other mobile devices. Select crypto sites even offer dedicated mobile applications that streamline everything and add an extra layer of polish.