Crypto Casino No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are one of the best offers you can get from an online crypto casino. In this guide to crypto casino no deposit bonuses, we will look at why these bonuses are so great. We will also explain what you need to know about these bonuses before you claim them.

What Is a No Deposit Bonus?

As the name implies, a no deposit bonus is an offer from a crypto casino that you can claim before you are required to make any kind of deposit. As a standard, these types of bonuses come in two different forms.

Free Spin No Deposit Bonus

This type of no deposit bonus will award you free spins that you can use to play without having to spend any of your own money. This gives you the chance to win big without having to worry about using your own reserves.

Free Money No Deposit Bonus

This bonus will credit your player account with a specific amount of money without you needing to deposit a cent. This lets you begin playing without having to spend money or top up your online wallet.

Requirements of Claiming a No Deposit Bonus

As you may expect, such great bonuses don’t come without a few strings attached. To make things fair to the crypto casino as well, these deposits come with one or more of the following rules attached to claiming the bonus.

Wagering Requirement

Wagering requirements placed on a bonus mean that you will need to spend a specific amount of your own money on playing to fully claim your bonus. Alternatively, you’ll need to do this to claim any winnings you’ve won from using your bonus.

Wagering requirements generally range from 20 times to 50 times the amount of your bonus. This means that if you’re awarded a 10 mBTC bonus with a 25x wagering requirement, you’ll need to play 250 mBTC before you can claim your bonus.

Deposit Requirement

It may sound strange to say that there is a deposit requirement on a no deposit bonus. However, this requirement comes in after you’ve claimed and used your bonus.

This rule is usually enforced if you are trying to withdraw winnings that you gained while playing using the no deposit bonus. You will then need to deposit a minimum amount before your winnings are released.

Limit Requirement

Limit requirements come in multiple forms, three of which are most common:

  • Time limits mean that you must use your entire bonus (or fulfil all other requirements) to qualify for your bonus within a specific timeframe. Failure to do so will nullify your bonus and usually any winnings you gained with it.
  • Maximum and minimum bet limits are used to define the lowest and highest amount you are allowed to bet while playing using a no deposit bonus.
  • Maximum winning limits define the most that you can possibly win while playing using your no deposit bonus.

Crypto Casinos No Deposit Bonuses LogoWays to Get a No Deposit Bonus

Traditionally, there is only one real way to get your hands on a no deposit bonus. That is by registering a new player account on a site you haven’t played with before. In this situation, your no deposit bonus will also be a welcome bonus.

However, there are also some cases where crypto casinos offer no deposit bonuses as part of a promotion or as a reward to VIP players.

When this happens, it’s fantastic because it removes the usual condition that players can only get a no deposit bonus once-when they first sign up with a site.

Claiming a No Deposit Bonus

Usually, no deposit bonuses will appear in your player account under open offers. All that you need to then do is accept or begin the offer. On some crypto casinos, this will be done automatically (usually if you are a new player).

In other cases, the crypto casino may issue you a unique promo code that can be entered on the site to unlock your no deposit bonus. This code is usually emailed to you or is displayed on the Promotions section of the site.


As stated, no deposit bonuses are some of the best bonuses available on bitcoin casinos. However, you should always check what requirements you may need to fulfil to claim your bonus. Sometimes, you may find that the requirements outweigh the benefits.

Crypto Casino No Deposit Bonuses - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a no deposit bonus?

A no deposit bonus is a specific bonus that allows you to reap the benefits of the bonus without needing to deposit any amount of your own money beforehand.

These bonuses usually credit your player account with a number of free spins or an amount of usable credit that you can use to play.

What are no deposit bonus codes?

No deposit bonus codes are unique promo codes issued by online cryptocurrency casinos to reward both new and existing players. These codes can be redeemed on the specific casino for the bonus that they relate to without players having to deposit any funds to claim them.

Are no deposit bonuses just for existing players?

No. No deposit bonuses are sometimes given to existing players as a reward for their loyalty to a website or for how often they play. However, they are more commonly offered to new players in the form of a welcome bonus as an incentive to register with an online casino.

What are the best crypto casino no deposit bonuses?

The best crypto casino no deposit bonuses are those that come with no or very few requirements attached to them. These requirements usually come in the form of a time limit in which to use the bonus, a maximum or minimum bet requirement, or a maximum winnings limit.

What is a no deposit bonus wagering requirement?

A no deposit bonus wagering requirement is a limit imposed by the crypto casino that states that you have to play (or wager) a certain amount of your own money before unlocking the full bonus.

For example, this usually means that if you claim a no deposit free spin bonus, you will still need to spend a set amount of your own money before you can withdraw any winnings you’ve gained using the free spins.

Why do some no deposit bonuses have deposit requirements?

A select number of no deposit bonuses may have a deposit requirement. However, this is purely for security reasons, and the requirement is usually set at a very low amount.

Enforcing this deposit requirement ensures that the casino can verify your banking details before paying out any winnings that you may have gained by using your no deposit bonus.

How do I claim a no deposit bonus?

No deposit bonuses are usually claimed automatically and credited to your player account by the online casino of your choice.

Other ways include entering a promo code that you receive from the casino or by activating the bonus from your player account.

What is a crypto free spin no deposit bonus?

A crypto free spin no deposit bonus is a specific number of free spins that will be credited to your player account on a crypto casino without you having to make any deposit. These free spins can then be used to play slot games without having to wager any of your own money.

One thing to note is that free spin no deposit bonuses usually can only be used on specific games. Therefore, you may not be allowed to play the game you really want to when using this bonus.

What is a free money no deposit bonus?

A free money no deposit bonus is when your player account gets credited with a specific amount of usable money without having to deposit anything. This generally shows up in your player account as bonus money to help you identify it from the money you may have deposited.

This money usually has a requirement attached to it and sometimes can only be used on specific games or wagered at specific bet amounts.